"It’s all from the drums," Isaac Eady likes to say. A composer and multi-instrumentalist born into a musical family in Tullahoma, Tennessee, Eady gravitated towards music early, and by two years old  was already playing the drums and keeping everyone in time.

Isaac grew up listening to the Meters, a band his grandfather introduced him to when he was 6. Grandpa Walter, aka “Dizz”, was a world class multi-instrumentalist himself playing guitar with Joe Tex, Little Willie John and many others.


Grandpa Dizz was also the frontman for the Hamilton Family Gospel Band, an ensemble made up of Isaac’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. When you talk about music being “in someone’s blood” - it couldn't run any deeper. Issac would often tour with the family band and when he was old enough, often joined his family on stage.


Eady left Tennessee and headed over to the Gulf Coast where he dedicated himself to becoming a full time musician. He spent years traveling the country and honing his craft until he landed in New Orleans, a place that until he visited, had only existed in his dreams. Within minutes of arriving, Isaac knew this was his new home.


In order to have a relationship with the drums, it means starting from the very beginning. His first kit, a Pearl Export, was a gift from his uncle and he’s currently choosing from a variety of kits made by Gretsch Drums, his official sponsor.

Today, Eady can be found on tour with the Tedeschi Trucks Band and is an integral part of Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum ensemble.